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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What options are available to customize a tumbler handle?
    You can customize: - Shape - Color - Engravings - Container "Holding" (Diameter - 20oz or 32oz Tumbler) - Features: Lighter Holder, Bottle Opener, Handle Width, and more!
  • Why do customers choose customization over current handles?
    Custom handle widths allow for strategic use of the tumbler handles for: - Supporting arthritis issue for elderly? - Supporting swag status for youth? - Supporting smoking habits for all types of smokers? - Supporting party favors for event(s) / marketing experiences?
  • How do I begin the process of customizing my own tumbler handle?
    Determine: - Color - Container Size (20oz or 32oz) - Handle Style (Gun Handle / Lighter Handle / Flower Handle / Basic Handle / Grip Handle) - Send info and pictures to to support CAD design / creation
  • What are the top sellers for Tumbler Handles?
    Our greatest success with Tumbler Handles are our "Colt" / "1911" mock up handles. Our customers gravitate to these handles for the easy comfort when grabbing or releasing a tumbler of 20oz or 32oz (Yeti or Trevis cups/ tumblers). Contact us today if you desire more customization features / add ons (ie. engraving or lighter holder).
  • How many handles can we order at a time?
    At least one handle per order. Maximum 40 handles per order. Inquire within for wholesale purchasing & pricing.
  • What sizes are available?
    We offer tumbler handles for 20oz and 32oz containers for cups and tumblers. We offer several options for colors and materials for additional customization.
  • What colors are available for the tumbler handles?
    Black, Green, Multi Color/ Rainbow, Brown, White, Magenta and more!
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Tumbler Handles Customization

Explore our selection of customized and customizable tumbler handles for all your grips, parties, and gifts!

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